87th Street collage...

Posted these collage of pics which I had shared last Wednesday and on a post over at Sixth Ward blog. Three pics - two of bank signs and one of a former grocery store now dollar store. This is to re-enact pics taken back on New Years Eve 2007. I also shared this on ig which is the post embedded below.
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Meme Friday

The kids have no idea about the pound sign but know so much about these hashtags on social media!

Throwback Thursday: 63rd & Halsted September 28, 2016

Shared this collage of pics at 63rd/Halsted on the day of the Grand Opening of Whole Foods Market Englewood. Unfortunately on this day I didn't exactly make it for the official grand opening and never made it inside just as it was about to rain heavily once I arrived. There was a line of customers going into the store which caused me to change my mind as far as shopping in this store on that day.

On the other hand it was great to see the excitement and the activity on this day. Things have slowed down since then but a Whole Foods Market in Englewood is a sign that this often beleaguered community on Chicago's south side is on its way back.

Skyscraper canyon #olloclip

This shot was taken sometime in February after the heavy snowfall. A shot on Adams Street of the skyscraper canyon on LaSalle Street. I used an olloclip fisheye lens.

Meme Friday: Star Trek version

Captain Janeway is the inspiration for this meme on this Friday!

Throwback Thursday: 63rd & Halsted

Back in June 2013, I posted this collage of shots from my quick stop to this intersection on Sixth Ward blog. This is basically the heart of Englewood which during much different and better times was a commercial area full of retail that could rival downtown Chicago. Thanks to the shopping mall and other economic effects such as "white flight" the commercial area declined to the point of what you see here.

Those storefronts are mostly gone and has been replaced by a community college. Imagine what happened in this area just about 3 years later. Perhaps the commerce will begin to return to this area sooner than many of us will imagine.

Think Whole Foods Market opened a store here, a Starbucks and a Chipotle. Unfortunately another building has gone down thanks to fire but that just means another place worth building upon in the future here. Can't wait to show you a similar scene from here back in September 2016.

That image was also something posted - though after the fact…